Saturday, July 30, 2005

I have been urged to share my experiences and track my progress as a current/future aviator and have decided to do so through the use of a "blog". I will start with a little introduction; I am a junior at Oklahoma State University earning a degree in aviation and space education. I started flying just over one year ago, my first logged flight was on 12 July 2004. A mere 3 weeks later I earned my private pilot ticket with exactly 35 hours. After that milestone I began building time for the better part of a school year in order to complete the requirements for the instrument rating. After 50 some odd hours of flying cross countries all around the Oklahoma/Texas/Kansas/Arkansas region I began instrument training which I completed in just over 3 weeks on 23 May 2005.
After a month of helping my parents move back to Florida I started on my commercial rating which I just recently recieved on 26 July 2005, in conjunction with my commercial training I also started my multi-engine training and am scheduled to take that check ride as soon as I return from my week vacation visiting my parents in Florida. I have also been studying and preparing for my certified flight instructor rating which I plan on earning late august/early september.
In more or less 1 year I will have gone from 0 time to flight instructor. It has been a blistering pace, but nothing out of the ordinary. I fly numerous times a day, often more than the instructors working there. When I'm not at the airport I'm usually at my house studying or relaxing with my dog.
There you have it, a brief history of my experience. I currently posses 220 hours of experience in the vast blue sky and have many more hours in my future. This is the start of my blog which will hopefully stay with me throughout all my different phases of aviation. So stay tuned for exciting adventures and stories about flying into the future